I've tried recorded sessions before but they don't seem to work.
Why don't they work for me?

Of necessity, any pre-recorded hypnosis session is generic in nature. It is an attempt to address known obstacles and problems any person with that particular concern would be experiencing. When expertly created, using powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques, many people will experience a significant shift or change with a generic recording.

Those who do not experience the shift or change expected will notice one or more of the following obstacles occurred:

This isn't what I expected * If a person has never experienced hypnosis, they cannot help but have a fantasy of what they expect to happen. Generally, these fantasies have no basis in reality, however, the purchaser may think they didn't achieve a hypnotic state (when most likely, they did). This leads to disappointment and the entire process falls flat. Hypnosis is a focused state of concentration, often experienced as a super relaxed state while focusing on every word. So, if you purchase a recording, expect and believe that it is expertly designed to lead you into a trance state in which change will naturally occur. Expect success and simply allow yourself to drift along with the process as it unfolds.

Over-thinking and analyzing * When a fantasy fails to materialize, it is human nature to ruminate. If I am listening to a recording and it isn't what I expected it would be, soon I will start to think about it and analyze the situation. I will think thoughts like, Am I really in hypnosis? ... I don't feel so very different ... Am I doing something wrong? ... Maybe hypnosis doesn't work ... Maybe I can't get there, etc. WHEN YOU HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOURSELF, IT TAKES PLACE IN YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND. You only talk to yourself in your conscious mind. So if you are having a conversation with yourself, you may have been in a lovely hypnotic state, but pulled yourself out of it and back to full conscious awareness.

The product chosen is deficient * Sometimes, not getting what you expect may have nothing to do with the above. Be careful. As in any profession, capabilities and skills of hypnotists vary. You may have purchased an inadequate recording. Before you purchase a hypnotic recording, be sure to research the source for the 3 R's: Reputation, Results, and Reviews. Look for Yelp and video testimonials to verify expertise. Creating an impactful recording is a combination of art and science. My recordings tell a story. They have a beginning, a middle and an end. They are designed to immerse you in beauty, carefully sprinkled with metaphor, symbolism, and powerful hypnotic and neuro linguistic techniques. Properly executed, perception is expanded, facilitating real change.  

Why would I pay more for in-person sessions, when I can purchase a recording for far less?    

      1. Always invest in a professional hypnotherapy session if you have a serious problem holding you back from the life you desire. If you are carrying the scars of  trauma or emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, ask for help. * Generic recordings will only offer momentary relief, until those needs are properly addressed. In these cases, it is absolutely necessary to consult a professional to guide you through the healing process. For instance, you may consciously know you need to learn to love yourself, to enhance your self-esteem and self-belief. But if you try to do it on your own with a recording, you will struggle against what we call subconscious imprints from the past; the past will rear its ugly head in resistance. A voice inside of you will say NO, that you are unworthy of the love and healing you seek. It isn't that the recording "doesn't work". It's because the first step is necessary healing work, which will allow you to open up to your dreams and goals. This requires a professional hypnosis setting where a safe space is held for you while you move away from the past.


    2. Even if you have a great life and you're just looking to level up, there are great benefits to experiencing at least one professional hypnosis session first.  Once you experience an actual hypnosis session, your questions are immediately answered. You know what it feels like and what  to expect with a recording. You won't be second guessing yourself and pulling yourself away as you overthink and analyze. So there are two advantages to this:  1) you feel at ease and ready to receive the benefits of a recording, and 2) you will naturally, easily drift into a nice hypnotic state on your own, because you've gone there before and you know that you can -- and you will.

Once you've addressed these two points, you can reap many benefits from the right recordings for you.

"... I am improving every day and being compassionate with myself."


"I am so grateful to have met Lynn. I go into deep hypnosis and I feel heard, expressed and witnessed in our sessions. The index cards/ home assignments have gotten into my psyche and I am improving every day and being compassionate with myself. Lynn is always so great at communicating with me and she is very easy to talk to. She's also very open minded and wise and she makes me feel very comfortable. It's refreshing to have sessions with her and she helps me see the positives in my life's commotion. Lynn is open to making my sessions about what I want to focus and work on. I feel a difference after seeing her week after week."

Hazel H.

"Lynn has helped me tremendously in my journey and I have to credit her for most of my success, peace of mind, and renewed sense of spirituality. Thanks, Lynn!"
~ Violet S.

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