Reason #1

Comprehensive Video Training Modules for Each Lesson


  • Each student will receive a video training module for all 26 lessons, plus additional bonus lessons. These videos are yours to keep, a valuable resource as you continue to evolve and develop your skills.
  • Two “Live” In-the-Room Zoom Q&A sessions per week will be provided with additional coaching, instruction, and practice.
  • After viewing groups of 3 to 4 lessons, students will convene for a Zoom Q&A session, with additional coaching, instruction, and practice.
  • These videos are yours to keep for further study and review. They are a ready resource as you continue to develop your skills.


There is value in having uninterrupted instructive videos. These comprehensive videos are not offered in other courses, where all training is in a recorded live zoom session with others.


These provide an opportunity to fully absorb the course content before engaging in further instruction where all questions will be answered.

Reason #2

5 Advanced Bonus Lessons

Advanced training based on years of experience and amazing client success stories.

Bonus sessions include specialized techniques developed over years of practice, with detailed instructions, practice, and hand-outs. For the first time, I will be sharing my proprietary processes so you can enjoy the same success with your clients.


1) Methods of Regression (includes training in a proprietary technique)

2) Smoke Cessation (proprietary technique)

3) Spiritual Hypnosis 

4) Pain Management

5) Five Basic NLP Techniques you can use immediately to accelerate results

Reason #3

Access to In-depth Interviews with Dynamic Leaders in the Field of Hypnosis, Neuroscience, and Alternative Healing Arts

From 2011-2013, Lynn and Jim Swearingen, co-hosted a talk show on World Talk Radio called Change Your Mind … Change Your Life, which rapidly grew in popularity to 14,000 listeners per month. Over 70 dynamic professionals were interviewed, known for their contributions in the fields of hypnosis, neuroscience, and alternative healing arts. Important interviews are included with appropriate lessons, enriching the scope of training. Students have responded with enthusiasm at this value-add to their learning experience. 

Reason #4

6 Months Free Membership in my Coaching the Hypnotist Program

All graduates will be entitled to 2 free coaching sessions per month.

How will a 90-minute coaching session, targeted to your specific needs, improve your client's results and increase your confidence?
How will you feel when your clients consistently purchase packages of sessions, confident in your ability to help them resolve all underlying aspects of their presenting problem?
How will your life be different when your client roster grows; when testimonials flood in and revenue soars?

Analysis of Complex Client Needs – chunk down the aspects of a problem and create targeted healing sessions. How often do you receive an email or a voicemail that encompasses so many separate issues, so much story and background, that you just don’t know where to start?  
Review Initial Intake Strategy – how to manage your initial consultation to get buy-in with your session strategy
Create a Customized Client Plan – One-Size does not fit all. Selecting the most appropriate techniques, scripts, methods to help each client with their unique needs.
Become a Hypnotic Artist – How to create a powerful experience –Learn to blend visualization and storytelling, beautiful metaphors, and amazingly effective hypnotic and neuro-linguistic techniques that work together to expand your client’s awareness, open perception, and create lasting change.
Empower your Client – How to teach self-hypnosis.
Review Hypnotic Techniques – build confidence – review techniques you have felt hesitant to try
Receive Valuable Forms and Scripts

Reason #5 – Get Set for Success

How I Cultivate Life-Long Client Relationships

I will provide special training in the methods I use to build rapport, identify client needs, and elicit buy-in for the sessions they need. It isn’t about “selling” or “up-selling” – it’s about clarity in presentation and genuine caring for their optimal results.

  • Learn how to develop your “Pre-Talk” and set it to work for you
  • Learn how to develop several scaled program offerings
  • Learn how to talk to your clients in the initial phone consultation so they understand why a single session is nearly always inadequate

  • Learn how to use an intake questionnaire to discern the many aspects of a presenting problem and present it with clarity to the client
  • Learn how to conduct a session effectively from start to finish (tips for both in person and online sessions)


All requirements must be met for Certification: Zoom sessions, homework assignments and final exam.


  1. Virtual “Live” Zoom meetings will be held on Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm Pacific Time. Zoom meetings will average 2 to 2.5 hours, depending upon content and questions. Group sessions will be recorded and available to students.
  2. Students will practice with each other in the virtual “live” meetings and will also submit private homework assignments with volunteer subjects. Both written and audio recorded homework must be submitted on time for evaluation and feedback.
  3. When the curriculum is completed, there will be a Zoom meeting to review important content for the exam.
  4. The Final Exam for certification will be taken together online.


The 5 Special Bonus Lessons

Advanced training based on years of experience and amazing client success stories.
Bonus sessions include specialized techniques developed over years of practice, with detailed instructions, practice, and hand-outs:

  1. Methods of Regression (includes training in a proprietary technique)
  2. Smoke Cessation (proprietary technique)
  3. Spiritual Hypnosis . . 
  4. Pain Management
  5. Five Basic NLP Techniques you can use immediately to accelerate results


The profession of hypnosis is thriving as never before. I have been so blessed in this profession, I am passionately dedicated to paying it forward and doing everything I can to assure your success. I promise to give you my all, going over and above what other classes offer. I promise to be generous with more advanced training, resources, and additional materials.

Hypnosis is the most valuable tool to unleash your inner brilliance and love your life again. How will you feel the first time you unlock a client’s deep unconscious and help them to live the life they have only dared to dream of?  It is possibly the most valuable gift you can give.


As a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) I have worked passionately for over 14 years, with hundreds of individual clients and facilitating thousands of hypnosis sessions. Numerous testimonials regarding my work are available on Yelp and Video Testimonials. As a Consulting Hypnotist (CH) I  help clients tap into the power of their subconscious minds to find internal presence, healing, and peace. I don’t just “teach” – my days are filled with clients, providing current and relevant client experiences to further enrich your training. As a Certified Instructor (CI), I take seriously having a platform on which I can help mold the next wave of modern, science-based, transformative hypnotists.

I am a certified HypnoCoach® and a Neuro Linguistic Hypnotist, with membership in the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NFNLP).  I will help you bring transformative NLP techniques into your hypnosis sessions.

My goal is to give you the training and tools you need to become a successful new hypnotist. My promise to you is a fun training course, easy to understand, and one which will equip you with skills you can readily implement. Upon certification, you will be a competent and confident hypnotist, ready to further evolve and grow to your full potential as a member of one of the most important of the healing arts.  



Become a Consulting Hypnotist, fully certified by
the National Guild of Hypnotists.

NGH Certification and membership are the
cornerstone of your successful practice.


As a member you will:

  1. Earn credibility and respect by joining over
  2.  18,000 NGH members around the globe
  3.  Confidently open your own office
  4. Work with leaders and role models around the world.


The National Guild of Hypnotists was the first organization to develop a standardized training curriculum for its membership.


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